A carbon monoxide detector reacts as soon as carbon monoxide (CO) is detected in the air and a certain threshold value is exceeded.

Carbon monoxide is invisible and odourless and, above a certain concentration, can be fatal. The gas is created, among other reasons, due to household fixtures or appliances such as fireplaces or gas boilers which burn substances containing carbon (like natural gas, wood or oil) with an insufficient oxygen supply.

If appliances such as heaters or gas boilers do not work properly or are not serviced correctly, a build-up of carbon monoxide may occur. Fitting a carbon monoxide detector will help the user to react quickly to any danger.

Temperaturmelder Gasmelder Kohlenmonoxidmelder

CO Detector Features

Transmission to a Carephone with Class 1 reception

Reliable detection

Flexible installation

Wireless solution

Automatic radio link monitoring

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