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Assistive technology Carephones enable the user to feel more safe and secure in their own home. This not only improves quality of life for the elderly, physically impaired or those living alone; friends and family also appreciate the assurance that their loved ones can be helped quickly in an emergency.

With our assistive technology devices and environmental sensors, users are reassured that the appropriate response for each type of alarm can be summoned.

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TA7x Family Features

3 communication channels

No restrictions, all communication options possible with one device: IP, GSM and PSTN

Configuration via Cloud

Quick and easy configuration with TeleAlarm Cloud Services

Multiprotocol capable

All common protocols on the market are supported

Energy saving mode

By activating the energy saving mode the battery life is at least 36 hours.

Superior audio quality

Exceptional audio quality; microphone pick-up effective even at distance

UV resistance

Durable design and no discolouration due to UV-resistant plastic

Reminder messages

Automatic reminder of important tasks 

Carephone and transmitters

Can store up to 20 Telecare peripherals and 10 alarm call recipients 

Choose the right variant 

The TA7x family offers the right variant for every requirement, from analogue and fixed line IP to combined GSM enabled products. 

Choose the right colour 

The TA74 family is available in the classic colours black and white. 

Easy and fast configuration 

With the TeleAlarm cloud services, devices can be pre-programmed and remotely updated via the Internet. 

In addition, programming templates can be created and multiple units via batch programming can be performed. 

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4 buttons 
Multiple functions 

The TA74 is equipped with 4 buttonseach with it’s own feature for providing reassurance and security in the time of need. 


Emergency call button

If you need help, press the emergency call button to initiate a call.
The call is forwarded to the destination of the monitoring centre or a telephone, depending on the Carephone settings. 


Daily Button

The TA74 has a built-in activity monitor, which ensures that an emergency call is made
automatically if the Daily button is not pressed within a preset period of time. The light on
the Daily button lights up when it should be pressed.


Action button

With the action button an emergency call can be cancelled or device status can be announced. When the action key flashes, a fault is signalled and pressing the key announces the problem. 


Sign in / sign out button

Pressing the Sign in / sign out button tells the device whether you are currently at home
or not.

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