Multifunction N86 Room Transmitter

The N86 Wall Transmitter is a multifunctional radio alarm transmitter, designed for patients and nursing staff to make emergency calls, summon assistance or cancel a call directly in the patient’s room. It is designed for use with the TeleAlarm Nurse Call NC8 system and is easily expandable.

The N86 exists in two variants, with and without relay outputs. The embedded relays of the N86 Room transmitter with two relays allow the device to control over-door signal lights, in particular for compliance with the VDE 0834 protocols.

N86 Room Transmitter

N86 Room Transmitter Features

Emergency calls possible

Radio link monitoring compliant with VDE 0834

Wireless programming

N86 Room Transmitter

Call for help and assistance call buttons

Battery level monitoring

868.8 MHz bi-directional radio


The main function of the N86 Wall Transmitter is to enable easier handling of help, assistance and emergency alarm calls directly from the patient’s room. A large red button with a textured surface makes it easy to identify and to press and raise calls for help. Additional help can be summoned by the attending nurse pressing the blue button. An emergency alert can be sent by  pressing the two buttons simultaneously.

The presence and alarm LED indicators enhance the  signalling of alarms. Depending on the parameters set, automatic call repetition until cancel of the call is possible. Cancelling can be made directly to the  Room Transmitter with the smaller green button and/or with the B81 Acknowledgment Transmitter and/or with the B80A Accompanying Transmitter.

Staff members are able to notify their presence in the room  by using their Acknowledgment Transmitter B81, or similarly with an B80A Accompanying Transmitter B80A; these acknowledgement devices are specific to authorized staff only (see the related datasheets). The green button is also used to deactivate ‘presence mode’. An extended presence mode can be set, allowing monitoring of several persons and different cancellation modes.

The N86 Wall Transmitter is equipped with a 3V battery offering a life of 3 years or more. It can also be powered with an external 6-30V DC supply. The N86 offers voltage monitoring and daily, automatic self-checking messages.

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