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The TeleAlarm Nurse Call Main Unit 8 is the core element within an easy-to-install wireless solution designed for residential homes, nursing facilities and other specialized care settings. Patients can immediately contact nursing staff by pressing an emergency call button on their wrist- or neck-worn personal transmitter, or via the wall-mounted transmitter in their room.

The Nurse Call Main Unit 8 includes the new TeleAlarm bidirectional radio system.

Main unit 8

Flexible system

The NC8 system offers an expansion possibility up to 500 transmitter.

Fast and precise response

The locator call tracer provides staff immedate location of alarm for fast and precise response.

Main Unit 8 Features

NurseCall and dementia monitoring integrated into one system

Low-cost complete wireless system installation

Easy to upgrade or extend existing nurse call systems

Main unit 8 open

Fast and accurate staff response through locating and dementia monitoring

Staff freedom of movement through DECT and paging systems integration

868.8 MHz bidirectional

Main Unit 8 Functions

The dynamic wireless Nurse Call NC8 system consists of a wall-mounted call point, a wrist- or neck-worn personal transmitters,  wireless pull-cords, push buttons, and a variety of radio alarm contact modules including the RAC80 and the UPCBA80. All system accessories work using the same radio frequency, providing a total wireless solution. The wireless system can be effortlessly expanded beyond the main care facility walls to include private residential homes within proximity of the main building. Extending connectivity beyond the traditional intramural solution allows greater flexibility and privacy to residents, as well as increased coverage by the care provider.

The location solution provides staff with immediate location information for fast, targeted responses. Inductive location beacons or loops can be mounted on door frames, which communicate location information to the care team via the personal transmitters worn by the users.

The system is flexible and expandable up to 500 transmitters. The TeleAlarm Nurse Call NC8 system can easily be connected to different call-forwarding solutions including pagers, displays and DECT telephones. This provides staff with total freedom of movement while maintaining a high level of alert in case an alarm is generated. The system transmits the alert information to the display of a pager or DECT telephone and allows for visual indication of the type, source and location of the call.

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