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Carephone TA74 - focussing on your safety

  • 3 communication channels

    No restrictions, all communication options possible with one device: IP, GSM and PSTN

  • Configuration via Cloud

    Quick and easy configuration with TeleAlarm Cloud Services

  • Superior audio quality

    Exceptional audio quality; microphone pick-up effective even at distance

  • Carephones and transmitters

    Can store up to 20 Telecare peripherals and 10 alarm call recipients

For all those who go through life alone, the desire for security through a reliable home emergency call system is profound. In this search, aid organisations are faced with the challenge of finding solutions that are not only easy to use, but also require only minimal resources in terms of technical support.

The introduction of the TA74 digital home emergency call system at TeleAlarm establishes a pioneering standard for maximum convenience and personalised service. The entire TA74 family can be conveniently controlled remotely via the Internet, saving your staff time and allowing them to devote more time to their care and support tasks.

  • 3 Kommunikationswege

    Keine Einschränkungen, alles mit einem Gerät möglich: IP, GSM und PSTN

  • Konfiguration via Cloud

    Schnelle und einfache Konfiguration mit dem TeleAlarm Cloud-Services

  • Multiprotokollfähig

    Es werden alle gängigen Protokolle auf dem Markt unterstützt

  • Energiesparmodus

    Durch Aktivierung des Energiesparmodus beträgt die Akkulaufzeit mindestens 36 Stunden.

  • HD Audio Qualität

    Sehr gute Audioqualität und Stimmen werden auch aus weiter Entfernung wahrgenommen

  • UV-Beständigkeit

    Langlebiges Design und keine Verfärbungen durch UV-beständigen Kunststoff

  • Spracherinnerungen

    Automatische Spracherinnerungen, die Sie an wichtige Aufgaben erinnern

  • Rufempfänger und Funksender

    Kann bis zu 20 Funksender und 10 Rufempfänger speichern

TeleAlarm Cloud Services

The TeleAlarm Cloud Services enable online programming and remote updating of devices from the TA7x family.

It is also possible to create programming templates, carry out mass programming and much more.

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NurseCall Systems

The modern paging system for inpatient care organization
Positioning and dementia protection
Software support available
Modular through standard interfaces
Radio-based solution
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Control Center Management System

Intuitive operation

Through clear and clearly structured user interfaces.


Comprehensive documentation of your customer data from master data to medical history.


Through the integration of SCAIP, the LMS9 is compatible with the current Carephone devices of all well-known manufacturers. 
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Control centre software Cloud Monitoring System - the modern solution for emergency call handling

In emergency situations, a quick response and effective management are essential. For this, TeleAlarm, in cooperation with Skyresponse, enables centralised and mobile emergency call processing, independent of device and location. Our control centre software, the Cloud Monitoring System, is the next generation solution for alarm monitoring and alarm processing.

The interoperability of the Cloud Monitoring System ensures the seamless integration of all alarm types – for flexible scalability.

We are happy to inform you personally about the TeleAlarm control centre software – please contact us!

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About TeleAlarm

TeleAlarm Europe GmbH is a leading provider of home emergency call systems and offers innovative hardware and software solutions for older people and people with physical disabilities. With more than 60 years of experience in product development, TeleAlarm continuously focuses on innovative technologies to enable its users to lead a self-determined life in their familiar surroundings. Its customers include well-known care and medical services.

The company is part of the listed electronics service provider KATEK Group. KATEK has a total of 3,700 employees worldwide.

TeleAlarm is your reliable expert for all matters relating to home emergency call systems, nurse call systems and control centre software. Our products are characterised by modern, cloud-based technologies and a focus on interoperability, which enables comprehensive integration into various systems. With our many years of experience as a provider of home emergency call systems, we are at your side. If you are interested in a consultation or a specific offer, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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