Control centre software Cloud Monitoring System - the modern solution for emergency call handling

In emergency situations, a quick response and effective management are essential. For this, TeleAlarm, in cooperation with Skyresponse, enables centralised and mobile emergency call processing, independent of device and location. Our control centre software, the Cloud Monitoring System, is the next generation solution for alarm monitoring and alarm processing.

The interoperability of the Cloud Monitoring System ensures the seamless integration of all alarm types – for flexible scalability.

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Control centre software with ergonomic user interface

User-friendly design on any device – Available in your language

Thanks to its ergonomic user interface, the Cloud Monitoring System offers both intuitive and efficient operation and user-friendly navigation. As a result, the control centre software improves efficiency, user-friendliness and work quality, which minimises training times and ensures fast response times in emergencies.

Cloud Monitoring System - The control centre software with powerful features

With the Cloud Monitoring System developed in cooperation with Skyresponse, TeleAlarm offers an advanced control centre software that is equipped with a wide range of powerful features. These powerful functions enable you to manage emergencies efficiently and respond quickly. From alarm recording and forwarding to the integration of various data sources and the clear visualisation of information on a central interface – CMS offers you everything you need to coordinate and effectively control complex processes.

The Cloud Monitoring System features at a glance

100% in the cloud
Thanks to 100% cloud technology, the cloud monitoring system is available to you everywhere.
AWS (Amazon Web Services)
To ensure a secure platform for your data, CMS uses Amazon Web Services.
The Cloud Monitoring System is compatible with a wide range of systems and devices, enabling seamless integration into your existing infrastructure.
Flexible and scalable
Our control centre software grows with you. Scale CMS flexibly according to your requirements and growth targets.
Our control centre software supports you in a smooth transition from analogue to smart care, making it a reliable solution for the future.
The Cloud Monitoring System is independent of specific hardware and can be used on all devices.
Public APIs & IoT Integration
Thanks to published APIs, the CMS can be easily integrated into other applications. Integration with other IoT platforms is also straightforward – for seamless collaboration.
User-friendly & ergonomic interface
The user interface of the TeleAlarm control centre software is ergonomically designed for intuitive use. Of course, Cloud Monitoring System is also available in your language.
True SaaS solution
As a true software-as-a-service solution, the CMS control centre software combines high flexibility with a custom-fit solution for your requirements. Thanks to cloud-based use, you do not need your own servers.
Indoor alarm location
With Cloud Monitoring System, accurate indoor alarm location is possible. This allows you to respond to emergencies in a targeted manner.
Flexible alarm handling process
With the CMS control centre software, you achieve a flexible alarm handling process and respond quickly to any emergency.
Support for mobile workers & lone workers
The TeleAlarm CMS supports mobile and lone workers to ensure effective collaboration and coordination.

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Control room software from TeleAlarm
Strong partner for your reliable emergency call solutions

With more than 60 years of experience, TeleAlarm is one of the leading providers of hardware and software solutions for home emergency call systems and nurse call solutions. With offers for the control centre management system as well as control centre software, we holistically round off our portfolio.

Optimise the work processes of your emergency call centres with our advanced control centre software CMS Monitoring System and benefit from the advantages of a scalable next generation solution.

Developed in cooperation with Skyresponse, the Cloud Monitoring System allows you to efficiently coordinate emergencies, respond quickly and improve resource management. The user-friendly interface as well as the cloud-based provision as software-as-a-service are the basis for the efficiency of your work.

With comprehensive features such as alarm capture and routing, as well as integration of various data sources, TeleAlarm focuses on innovation and high performance to provide you with an alarm handling solution that is as future-oriented as it is future-proof.

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