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The S37 Transmitter allows the user to activate an alert to the Carephone with the push of a button from any location in the home. The alert is communicated to either a 24-hour control centre or the telephone of a caregiver. The transmitter provides an optical indication of an alarm activation via an LED.

The S37 transmitter has a long battery life and is monitored by the Carephone for low battery alerts and faults; the Carephone can report to the control centre if the S37 is lost. The S37 transmitter has an IP67 protection class rating, meaning that it is waterproof and can be worn in the shower or bath. The internal battery can be replaced by the service provider.

S37 Funkhandsender

S37 Transmitter Features

Modern and attractive design

Worn on the wrist, as a pendant or with a clip

Easy to use

S37 Funkhandsender Features


Battery-level monitor

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