CAIR Detect – Combined Occupancy/Enuresis Sensor

CAIR Detect is a smart solution for efficient bed and chair occupancy monitoring. With a focus on simplicity, Cair Detect provides both users and caregivers with visual and audible indications. The built-in absence time options, ranging from 0.5 seconds to 30 minutes, add flexibility to meet various monitoring needs. Installation is a breeze, thanks to the user-friendly rotary dial for configuration.

Cair Detect is designed for versatility, accommodating multiple device connections through two RJ12 terminal inputs, enabling comprehensive monitoring with just one device. Boasting a remarkable 600m radio range and an impressive 3-year replaceable battery life, Cair Detect ensures long-lasting, reliable performance. Cair Detect delivers optimal results when paired with our Sit/Sleep pads.

CAIR Detect Features

Simple and easy use

Sound and LED Indication


Multiple configurable options

AA batteries (User replaceable)

869 MHz / Custom


Experience the next level in occupancy sensing with Cair Detect, a versatile alternative sensor system that revolutionizes monitoring tasks. Streamlined and intuitive, the Detect unit seamlessly combines occupancy and enuresis detection functionalities, simplifying setup and operation for users.

With the added benefit of an integrated sounder, audible confirmation accompanies LED indicators, amplifying reassurance levels for users.

Plus, equipped with two RJ12 terminal inputs, the Detect unit offers expanded connectivity options, allowing for seamless integration with multiple devices for comprehensive monitoring solutions. Say goodbye to complexity and embrace the convenience and peace of mind offered by Cair Detect.

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