Help at the touch of a button

The S87L wireless programmable multi-mode Wristband Transmitter with Locating Function allows the wearer to call for help at any time with the press of a button, direct to the wireless Nurse Call system. It also offers a patient Locating Function within a building, giving the wearer both freedom of movement and remote supervision by staff.

The S87L is waterproof and lightweight.

Choose the right colour

The S87L is available in the colours red and grey.

Fast and precise response

The locator call tracer provides staff immedate location of alarm for fast and precise response.

S87L Wristband transmitter Features

Can be worn on the wrist, as a pendant, or clipped to clothing

Automatic radio link monitoring “VDE 0834”

Wireless programming and firmware updates

Location detection

Dementia areas control

868.8 MHz bidirectional

S87L Wristband transmitter Functions

Calls for help are activated simply by pressing the front button on the S87L. The LED indicator on the Wristband confirms the broadcast and the acknowledgement of the call by the receiver. Care staff are immediately informed by the Nurse Call system. The S87L Wristband Transmitter with Locating function can also be used to locate a patient. When the Wristband sends the call for help it includes the position of the last-passed beacon. It can also be used to automatically generate an alarm if the wearer is approaching a restricted door/zone (‘Dementia’ alarm).

Cancelling an alarm can be done by placing the S87L within 5cm of an accompanying B80A or B81 transmitter.

The S87L offers IP67 waterproof protection and has built-in automatic battery monitoring with low battery warning. Correct operation is maintained through daily automatic radio-monitoring messages to the receiver. The S87L can also be configured to comply with the VDE 0834 protocol.

The S87L Wristband Transmitter with Locating function is available with the call button in red or grey.

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