Help at the touch of a button

The B81 is a acknowledgement transmitter.
A individual acknowledgement transmitter, which ack-nowledges a call and can be assigned to nursing staff.

One colour

The B81 is only in the colour green available.

Call acknowledgement becomes easier than ever before

Just hold the B81 wireless transmitter next to the S87 or S87L, press the button and the call is acknowledged. The LED display shows when the call has been successfully acknowledged.

Robust housing

The personal transmitter is water and dust proof
and has the protection class IP 67.
The permissible temperature range is between -10 and +55°C.

TxNG Funkhandsender Transmitter

B81 Features

Can be worn on the wrist, as a pendant, or clipped to clothing

Automatic radio link monitoring “VDE 0834”

Wireless parameter programming

Battery change without tools

Battery-level monitoring

868.8 MHz bidirectional

Further information about the product

Technical Documents