NurseCall Relay Plus Unit


NurseCall Relay Plus Unit

The NurseCall Relay Plus Unit not only offers simple and easy installation, making it suitable for assisted living, nursing homes and other similar facilities, but also allows the residents to transmit a warning signal to the nursing staff directly and easily with a pendant transmitter or a room transmitter. The NurseCall Relay Plus Unit is affordable and is a complete wireless system. Another benefit is that it is not difficult to link it to other NurseCall systems. Due to the location function and the supervision from the NurseCall Relay Plus Unit for dementia patients, complete rounds by the nursing staff are no longer necessary. As a result, the system has added value for all staff and residents.

Suitable for many purposes

It is well-suited not only for the nursing but also administration staff. The NurseCall Relay Plus Unit is particularly beneficial to administration staff, because the complete wireless system makes it possible to connect a printer or a display without add-on devices. In addition to this, the reception range has been extended so that signals can now be received over an even greater distance.

Nurse Call Relay Plus – Two in One

NurseCall Relay Plus not only has a NurseCall system but also connects it to dementia monitoring. The emergency power mode can power the system for up to 24 hours and the device dimensions are 190×180×140mm. This is a complete wireless system which can be expanded to 500 transmitters.

Key Information for the NurseCall RelayUnit Plus at a glance:

Operating voltage

230 VAC / 10 VAC 280 mA
110 VAC / 10 VAC 280 mA

Average consumption

2.5 W

Battery back-up

6 V, 1250 mAh rechargeable

Emergency-power operation

Up to 24 hours


21-button keyboard on the unit

LED Indicator



2 x 20 lines LCD

Radio receiver

434 MHz


Relay 1 A / 30 VDC


Adjustable up to 1 W (max.)

Software upgrade

via PC (RS232 serial cable or USB programming interface)


190 x 180 x 40 mm

Unit languages

English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Swedish

Number of alarm transmitters

Up to 500

Number of acknowledgement transmitters

Up to 32

Number of events

Up to 100

Universal NurseCall


Documents for download: