Carephone 62

Haus ServiceRuf Teilnehmerstation 62

The Carephone 62 is appealing due to its special technical functions, flexible operation and elegant design. The modernity of the design is continued in the functionality of the Carephone 62, which corresponds to IP32, protecting the device from damage due to environmental effects such as dust or dirt. You can even replace the top covers if necessary. The Carephone 62 is designed as a table or wall-mounted device. In addition to your analogue phone network, the Carephone 62 can also be used in combination with a broadband connection (Voice over IP), allowing the set up to work even without a landline phone connection.

The Carephone 62 is individually programmable

Easy programming of your device is possible through a micro SD card, an integrated keyboard and by using the accompanying programming software. This also allows you to evaluate the equipment’s activity log.

Easy operation in different languages

Language-prompted operation is another advantage of the Carephone 62. Five European languages are already pre-loaded onto the device. Other languages can be added via the micro SD card.

You can also add on different solutions, depending on your individual security needs. For instance, wireless peripheral devices – such as a gas or smoke detector or a wireless flood detector – give you and your family members the best possible protection for everyday life. Moreover, to activate an alarm next to the Tx Wristband Transmitter, you can also use a Fall Detector which is compatible with the Carephone. In this way, you can retain independence at home.

Key information for the Carephone a glance:

Emergency call protocols enabled

RB2000E, ANT, CPC, BS8521, TTnew, RBIP

Programming possibilities

– integrated keyboard
– microSD card
– remote (monitoring centre)
– configuration manager
programming is protected by PIN code

Inputs and outputs

– 1 input & 1 relay output (max. 30 VDC)
– microSD port
– serial connection
– GSM connection (optional)
– external loudspeaker and microphone

User guidance

Voice output and LED indication

Max. number of wireless transmitters & detectors


Programmable call numbers

10 call numbers with up to 22 digits, freely assignable to any type of trigger group

Available languages

German, Dutch, French, English, Spanish, and tone only

Voice message


Volume settings

8 levels

Dial mode

Tone dial

Radio receiver

Class 1


869.2125 MHz

Environmental class

Class 1

Protection class

IP32 (IP30 wall mounting)
IP67 (wireless transmitter)

Switched-mode power supply

Adapter 230 V primary, 7.5 V secondary

Battery backup

4.8 V NiMH battery, 1.6 Ah

Battery lifetime

– typically 130 hours, minimum 120 hours with one 30 minute call
– with IP module: typically 40 hours, minimum 30 hours with one 30 minute call
– with GSM module: typically 48 hours, min. 30 hours with one 30 minute call
Values at date of purchase and a fully charged battery

Current consumption

approx. 85 mA in standby, power supply
approx. 10 mA in standby on battery

Phone line connection


Dimensions (H x W x D)

55 x 160 x 230 mm


approx. 0.7 kg

Permissible temperature (environment/storage)

+5 °C to +40 °C / -20 °C to +60 °C

Relative humidity


Documents for download:
Data Sheet of the Carephone 62DEENFRNL
User Manual of the Carephone 62 DEENFRNL
Data Sheet of the GSM ModuleDEENFRNL
Installer Manual of the GSM ModuleMULTI
Quick Start Guide of the Carephone 62MULTI
Quick Programming Guide of the Carephone 62MULTI
Commercial BrochureDEENFRNL
USB interface for HTS6x EC Declaration of Conformity EN
Installation addendum GSM external antenna DEENFRNL
Installation addendum GSM internal antennaDEENFRNL
Carephone 62 EC Declaration of ConformityEN
Configuration Manager HTS6xZIP
User Manual Configuration-Manager HTS6xDEENFRNL