Tx Transmitter

TX Handsender, Hausnotruf, Transmitter, Carephone

Tx Transmitter

With the Tx Transmitter, it is possible to activate alarms such as emergency calls with the push of a button and to send them to the corresponding Carephone where they are passed on to a 24-hour control centre. This way, customers can call for help at any time, even if the phone is not in direct proximity or can no longer be operated. A fall detector can also be incorporated if required. The transmitter provides an optical signal for alarm activation with an LED display and is protected from the effects of the elements, such as water and dust, which makes it very sturdy resistant to faults and malfunctions.

Daily function check

The battery service life of this wristband transmitter is five years, assuming one daily alarm transmission and a battery service check as well as radio link monitoring. The automatic radio link and battery monitoring takes place every 20 to 31 hours, depending on the type, and immediately performs both checks of the battery level as well as the functionality of the device. In this way, failed sensors which can cause malfunctions can be detected early and replaced. As a result, costs and expenses can be reduced or prevented. This supplemental security service makes the use of the transmitter even more appealing and secure.

Tx Transmitter with a sturdy housing

The Tx Transmitter is waterproof and dustproof and conforms to protective class IP67. The permissible temperature range is between -10 and +55°C, in which it is considered particularly stable. Due to its special resistance to ambient effects, it is possible to use it in locations such as a kitchen or bathroom, where there is a greater probability that it can come into contact with dirt, dust or liquid. The Tx Transmitter is easy to operate and is a very sturdy companion. You can wear the wristband transmitter on your clothing, around your neck or on your wrist and enjoy your daily routine without any restrictions.

Key information for the Tx Transmitter a glance:
Dimensions (H x Ø)11 x 41 mm
Weight15 g
Frequency869.2125 MHz
Also available with 469.99 MHz, 456,15 MHz, 433,92 MHz, 433,08 MHz
Protection classIP 67 water-proof and dust-proof
Power supplyReplaceable lithium battery CR2430
ConsumptionTransmission: < 22 mA
Idle mode: < 3 µA
Battery lifetime5 years, under following conditions:
– 1 alarm transmission per day
Automatic radio link and battery monitoringDepending on type: every 20 to 31 hours
Permissible temperature-10 °C to 55 °C
Storage temperature-20 °C to 80 °C
Stability (-10 °C to 55 °C)< 2.5 KHz
AntennaIntegrated loop
Radiated power320 µW
Environmental classII
Minimum range in free field300 m
Documents for download:
Tx NG Operating Instructions V3MULTI
Tx replacement housing – instruction sheetMULTI
CE DeclarationEN