RAC Alarm Contact


The safety of the individual is always our top priority. People entering care are used to their own independence, but in a nursing home rules must be applied, and under some circumstances this involves a certain degree of monitoring to prevent patients – particularly those with dementia – from passing beyond predefined areas. Access and exit points can be secured using alarm contacts.

What are the benefits?

Particularly at the start of a stay in a nursing home, an elderly person might wake up at night and not recognise their surroundings. Sometimes doors or windows are opened by the resident, which poses a potential risk. Because there is usually a reduced number of staff on duty in place at night, it is difficult for them to monitor all the residents at the same time. If alarm contacts are attached to the windows and doors, the entrances and exits from the rooms can be automatically secured. If a door or a window opens, an alarm is immediately activated.


External magnets have to be attached to a fixed point on the doors or the windows. If the corresponding doors or windows open, the magnetic field is interrupted and the alarm is transmitted via a radio connection. The service life of the battery is 3 years on average. Every day a test message is performed to monitor the functionality. If the power level of the batteries drops under 20%, a message is shown from the contact alarm. The radio signal is always transmitted to at least 250m in free space.

Key information for the RAC Alarm Contact at a glance:

Dimensions (H x W x D)85 x 40 x 40 mm
Weight55 g
Frequency434.01 MHz
Power supply3V lithium battery CR2032
Battery life3 years, under the following conditions:3 alarms transmissions without repetition per day and 1 daily test transmission (incl. battery status)
Battery alarmat approx. 20 % remaining
Automatic battery testdaily check and at every alarm
Permissible temperature0 °C to 55 °C
Frequency stability (0 to +55 °C)
Radiated power2 mW
Transmission time2 x 1300 ms
Pause between transmissions200 to 600 ms (random)
Minimum range in free field250 m

Documents for download:
User manualDEENFR