NurseCall Accessories

The NurseCall accessories are what make our nurse call systems perfect – logical solutions for nursing homes, hospitals and other facilities.

S37 Armbandsender NurseCall

A user-friendly manual transmitter such as the Wrist Transmitter S37 offers you the good and reassuring sense of feeling secure at every location and to always be in connection with the help centre, which can help you at any time.


S35 Funksender Zugauslösung
S35 Pendant Transmitter

The compact transmitter is particularly user-friendly because the alarm can be activated both by pressing the red button and also by pulling the cord. This makes operation even easier.

N46 Zimmersender, N46 Wall Transmitter

The N46 Wall Transmitter is a multi-functional, stationary radio transmitter with which patients and nursing staff can make an emergency call right in the patient’s room, request help or cancel a call. It is integrated into a NurseCall system.


ManDown Sensor NurseCall, Schwesternruf

At an advanced age, trips and falls have to be expected more and more if the patient is mobile. The Man Down Sensor sounds an alarm for the nursing staff.



RAC alarm contacts secure windows and doors to prevent unplanned night walking and thereby ensure the safety of all residents.


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