What is Telecare? What should be considered when purchasing a Telecare system?

Our Telecare systems allow the elderly and people with disabilities to live independently in their own homes and to call for assistance in the case of an emergency. The familiar home environment provides a greater quality of life for the user.
The Telecare device plugs into a mains power socket, and either a telephone socket or broadband modem. The device will make a call to either a 24-hour monitoring centre or the mobile phone of a family member/contact upon the activation of a radio transmitter button, or a wireless peripheral such as a smoke detector or movement sensor.
In the following, we briefly explain what should be observed when buying a Telecare device, so that users and family members can be sure of having a reliable system that adapts to their own individual needs.

How much does the Telecare device cost?

The cost of a Telecare system can depend on whether the device is installed and monitored by a local authority/city council or a private company. There is usually an installation fee of between £30.00 and £80.00 for the device, and then a monthly rental/monitoring charge of around £15.00 to £35.00. Some providers allow you to purchase the unit outright, then the user simply pays for the monitoring and service costs.

Other services connected with the Telecare system:

  • – Responder services are provided by some local authorities and private companies.
  • – Installation of a key safe – allowing easy access to the property by the emergency services.
  • – Battery replacement for the radio transmitters.
  • – Medication reminders.
  • – Monitoring of Telecare peripherals, such as smoke detectors, movement sensors and fall detectors, which commonly trigger the Telecare device via a wireless connection.
  • – Monitoring of users when they are out of the home via a GSM or mobile device.

How do I find the right Telecare service provider for me?

There are many different providers in the UK, including local authorities, housing associations, city councils and private companies.
For enquiries regarding Telecare service providers in your area, please get in touch with us.

What do I need to take into consideration when choosing the right service provider:

  • – Is the Telecare device fitted by a professional installer on site or will the unit be delivered with instructions for self-installation?
  • – Is maintenance of the unit included in the price or are there any additional costs?
  • – Does the service provider offer other services, such as key safes and installation and monitoring of other peripherals, including smoke/fall detectors?
  • – What are the associated costs with any extra services?
  • – How expensive is the service if two people are to be monitored?
  • – How long is the contract? Is it more economical to take out a longer contract term?