Independence and quality of life –in old age too with TeleAlarm

The demographic shift in Germany brings questions about the care of the elderly. For many, life in an assisted living facility in advanced age is increasingly out of the question. The decisive factors for the decision against assisted living are among other things that it means less independence and moving out of one’s familiar environment. Yet the issue of how to combine humane and respectful care with independence does not just concern the elderly. Those who have unexpectedly lost some of their mobility through accidents or other strokes of fate and are dependent on help must also deal with this issue. The TeleAlarm care-phones with their home emergency call button offer physically restricted people an opportunity to remain in their familiar environment and still retain their independence.

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TeleAlarm – in use in assisting living facilities and clinics

For many years now we have been developing and producing communication tools for care facilities, rehabilitation centers, hospitals and clinics as well. This experience goes into every one of our product solutions just as much as our precise knowledge of what elderly care facilities and hospitals and their organizational structures demand of a high-performance, future-oriented call-button system.
Helping people quickly and efficiently is the purpose of every call system. And this will not change in the future. What does change is what we demand of the organization of communication. More and more care facilities are facing the challenge of optimizing their processes in order to operate economically at a high level of quality. Our call systems support institutions in efficiently organizing the day-to-day work of care. Both our NurseCall systems as well as our classic emergency call systems are in use in large and small facilities and meet the demands of modern call systems: they can be used flexibly, reduce bureaucracy and costs, help to optimally organize processes and thus support the optimal care of the patients.