The new Smoke Detector LES900

The new Smoke Detector LES900

by 11 February, 2019 0

The new RM-LES900 is now available at TeleAlarm

The technology is constantly evolving – the new RM-LES900 was developed together with our parent company Leesys and specially adapted to the TeleAlarm products.

Like its predecessor, the new smoke detector not only sounds with a loud alarm in the event of fire and smoke development, but also forwards it to an emergency call centre by means of a radio module in combination with a carephone. The configuration of both devices is simple.

With extended service life

The main advantage of the RM-LES900 over its predecessors and competitor products is the increased battery life for the smoke detector head. Only a battery change for the transmitter base unit which signals to the carephone is required. For the battery of the smoke detector head, a service life of at least eight years is now guaranteed. “The battery lasts the lifetime of the device, basically 10 years and longer. While annual battery changes were previously planned for this purpose, the new smoke detector is now virtually maintenance-free – the customer has nothing to worry about,” says Dr. Pastillé, Head of Development at Leesys GmbH.

New Design

The new RM-LES900 has an improved design. Small, modern, unobtrusive. The smoke detector continues the recently revised, elegant design line of the TA72 and TA74.

Thought for the environment

The aspect of extended battery life does not only play a role for the customer. Without the need for frequent battery changes, environmentally harmful waste can be prevented. Also, due to the design of the smoke detector base, If the smoke detector needs to be replaced – which is generally required by law every 10 years – the new RM-LES900 will only require the smoke detector head to be replaced, but not the entire smoke detector, reducing unnecessary waste.

To ensure a long service life, regular cleaning of the smoke detector with a vacuum cleaner or cloth is necessary. This frees the device from dust. It should also be triggered once a quarter by pressing the button.

 Advantages at a glance

– “Maintenance-free” with only one battery change
– Early smoke detection thanks to the scattered light principle
– Connection to the carephone via the radio module
– Easy configuration and setup
– Inconspicuous due to unique design
– Environmentally friendly due to less battery and plastic waste


For questions, please contact a member of the sales team. Further information and technical details can be found on the RM-LES900 product page.